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Moxie Sophic’s latest entry “Darkie Negro Pity Party” gives much food for thought. While reading this post, many thoughts simultaneously run though my mind. These will be posed as probing questions:

►► When it comes to abuse, I am deeply uncomfortable with remaining silent. Does silence equate to giving up? Is there more than one way to take a stand?

►► On second thought, the “Keeping It Real Trickbag” has left many vulnerable for further exploitation -in personal settings and collectively. How can we not give the appearance of condoning certain behaviors without ‘laying it all on the line’?

FABRIZIO GRASSO & PANDHORA WILLIAMS Brought to us by New York Magazine’s “Look Book”

 photo Pandhora.jpg

Pandhora made a conscious decision to live well and seek a higher quality of life. I’ve noticed slow but steady paradigm shift in Black women. Many (but still not enough) are seeking happiness and a better quality of life ON THEIR OWN TERMS. Once identified, rejecting dysfunctional programming is a first step…Accepting lost call for what they are, yet another.

I want our new readers to ask themselves honestly:

►► How would the “Black Community Machine” majority treat Pandhora?

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